Systematic Political Science

The Basic META Corpora and Semantic Taxonomy of Systematic Political Science

by Dallas F. Bell, Jr.

1. Introduction

Language is used to analyze and predict individual and societal behavior. The Liar's Paradox is observed to occur when someone says, "I am lying." If the person was lying, they were telling the truth and vice versa. Alfred Tarski and others analyzed such language occurrences using a metalanguage to separate the statement into different levels to find true and false indicators. Tarski's Material Adequacy Condition would address sentences such as "Lemons are yellow" by pointing out that any viable Theory of Truth must entail for every sentence of a language the following. The sentence named X is true iff (if and only if) p (a sentence), "Lemons are yellow." The sentence is true iff lemons are yellow. The first half is concerned with the sentence "Lemons are yellow." The second half is concerned with lemons.

Lexica make up the lexicons of all languages for a specific time. They contain morphemes, which are the smallest units of a language that convey meaning. A word may have several morphemes that form a group. Sentences may be broken down into their form and function parts. Anaphoric relations between the anaphor (i.e., pronoun) and its antecedent may be examined. The referent of an anaphor is determined by its antecedent, which is the phrase or clause referred to by an anaphoric pronoun.

Inductive truth uses connectives such as and and or to link two statements in logical calculus. Quantifiers such as for all, there exists, many, and few are used to validate predicate. Constituents are a word or group of words that act as a single unit, as in the pronoun phrase "See him run." These words explain the truth condition of complex sentences built from connectives and quantifiers that can be reduced to their constituents. The simplest constituents are called atomic sentences. Other sentences are negation, conjunction, disjunction, universal, and existential. A tag question is a constituent that is added after a statement to request confirmation or disconfirmation of the statement of the addressee possibly exposing the bias of the speaker to use one answer.

Noam Chomsky and other linguistic theorists have written that grammatical form can be identified with Logical Form. Logical Form is the set of syntactic structures constituting the logical form of a language derived from Surface-Structure and Deep-Structure.

Using linguists' techniques for analysis and predicting individual and societal behavior requires creating a corpora, or collection of recorded utterances. Carl Linnaeus developed the widely known taxonomy for biology. It was constructed hypernymically (e.g., from the category of flower to a subset category such as rose, and the rose would then be hyponymic to flower). This taxon structure may be applied linguistically to the category of communication and its hypernyms of verbal and electronic, etc.

The elements of systematic political science form its taxonomy beginning with the Singularity of Theology (T), the hypernym or subset of which is the Vector of Epistemology (R), the subset of which is the Parametric of Individual behavior (B) and Societal behavior (W), the subset of which is the Magnitude of Eschatology (E) from the originating Singularity of Theology. Each of these categories, or taxa, is in turn parent to subsets. They combine to form the mechanism of all behavior. The taxonomy of Natural Law forms the possibility of all behavior.

The semantic taxonomy can then be built from the corpus of each taxon. Similarity and dissimilarity can be seen by the location of words in each corpus. They can be used for plotting the x,y plane in the Manifold Equation of Theological Asymmetry (META). Untruth is negatively highlighted by its inconsistency with truth and is plotted in the III and IV quadrants. The logic of untruth can also be seen as dependent on truth logic, thereby explaining the stress caused by cognitive dissonance that follows the rejection of truth.

The tree structure may use a directed acyclic graph to indicate the parent or root node and its subsets of branches or siblings and end nodes. Linguistic symbols or symbols from disciplines other than systematic political science are not to be used.

2. The Taxonomy of the Mechanism for all Behavior

2.1 The Primary Taxa

Singularity (of theology--T)

Vector (of epistemology--R)

Parametric (of individual behavior--B)

(of societal behavior--W)

Magnitude (of eschatology--E)

2.2 The Subsets of the Primary Taxa

            T1               T2             T3
    (the infinite God)     l j f        o a h i s e

            R1               R2             R3
       R1+  R1  R1-     R2+  R2  R2-   R3+  R3   R3-

                      Parametric (individual)
            B1               B2             B3
    B11              B21            B31
        B12              B22            B32
            B13              B23            B33
                B14              B24            B34
                    B15              B25            B35

                       Parametric (societal)

             1W              2W              3W
    1W1                   2W1                3W1
        1W2                   2W2
                  (societal institutions and subsets)
           FeY1-  MaY1-  FeY2  MaY2  FeY3+  FeY3+

           Me   Le  Ed       Ho    Or     ChNm
                   El Co   Pa Do  Op St

                     BuNm  Ae  Em  Ow

              Ex            Lg           Ju
         Mi  Po  Pr  Ca   Lo  Fe        At   Co


             E1            E2            E3
                        l  j  f    o  a  h  i  s  e

3. The Primary Taxonomy of the Possibilities for all Behavior

           T1              T2               T3
  (the infinite God)    l  j  f      o  a  h  i  s  e
           NL              NL               NL
    +NLF        NLP   NLF    NLP    NLF         NLP
  OC    +NC        -OC  -NC      -OC   -NC
        +ALL            -ALL           -ALL
      +La  +Lb        -La  -Lb       -L   -Lb
      +1   +5         -1    5        -1    5
      +2   +6          2    6         2    6
      +3   +7          3    7         3    7
      +4   +8          4    8         4    8
           +9               9              9
           +10              10             10

[A + indicates the potential for 100% compliance and has META plot(s) on the x,y plane in the I and II quadrants. The T2 and T3 categories of compliance are 9-5 of the 10 NL and 4-0 of the 10 NL, respectively as seen in the Periodic Table of Elements, Factors and Variables of Systematic Political Science.]

[A - indicates the lack of potential for compliance and has META plot(s) on the x,y plane in the III and IV quadrants.]

4. Conclusion

Using the presented framework for the META corpora and semantic taxonomy of systematic political science one can compile a corpus for each taxon by language and time. Words used to describe a perceived good event, such as blessed or lucky, can be categorized and plotted for specific analysis of a user. Other words such as peace can be categorized when used in conjunction with compliance with or noncompliance with natural law, NL, to determine if the use is consistent with its meaning. To keep the peace, Pilate asked, "What is truth?" as he condemned Jesus to death. By all accounts, Jesus was compliant with all NL and therefore innocent, thus, he was referred to as the Prince of Peace. They had differing views of peace based on their compliance with and noncompliance with the truth of NL. George Washington, the first U.S. president, who refused to be made king, likely would have used different words and meanings of the same words than Franklin Roosevelt, another U.S. president, who stated that he desired to be made king.

On a macro scale, the words of the U.S. Constitution that generally were based on compliance with NL can be contrasted to those used for the European Union's constitution. The constitution of the EU or the old Roman Empire can be analyzed independently by its compliance with or noncompliance with NL.

Analysts who are compliant with NL from all scientific disciplines can both build the corpora from ever-changing lexica and use the data for undertakings that could enrich all of mankind.


Attachment A

The Nonexhaustive Subset List of the Taxa of the Possibilities for all Behavior

(Each taxon is listed as it is compliant with or not compliant with T1 possibilities. The truth of 2 + 3 = 5 makes 2 + 3 equaling anything else relevant. An untrue answer could logically be a number other than 5 instead of ~ answers ranging from the color orange to tree. Without the substantive reality of truth, untruth lacks context and is a chaos of words or ideas leading to epistemological nihilism. The reality of truth is reflected by the consistent consequences of compliance with or noncompliance with historically recorded NL.)



obey NL

hope in God


rest *NLP

be thankful to God for blessings

be grateful to God

be content

be wise

prejudge circumstances and avoid violations of NL

be angry but do not violate NL

be still and know that He is God

wait on the Lord

have courage

have faith in God

trust, believe, and fear God

glorify God

reflect God's love

seek God's purpose and direction

seek and employ your God given gifts

pray to God


meditate on God and His NL

know NL

know that NLs were made for man's wellbeing

know that freedoms are from God

not be ashamed of NC and NL

prove all things with NL

test the spirits with NL

submit to authority that is compliant to NL

subdue nature *NLP

be fruitful and multiply

be good stewards *NLP

support God's chosen geographic nation-state, Israel

believe Moses (author of the Pentateuch) and the Prophets


doubt God

trust one's own heart


be profane

have the spirit of fear

be anxious *NLP

be foolish

be mischievous

be cowardly

quench God's Spirit

rebel against God's authority and NL

add to or delete what God has said



sing to God

dance for God

worship God *NLP

praise God

believe that those that have chosen to be in compliance with the NC will eternity in Heaven

believe that those that have chosen to reject compliance with the NC will spend eternity in Hell


seek signs from God

tempt God

have vain imaginations

have delusional thinking

be addicted *NLP

be gluttonous *NLP

be drunken *NLP

make others drunken

curse *3


have body piercing

trust wealth

categorize the edibility of food by holy or unholy *NLP

engage in sorcery

engage in witchcraft

engage in astrology

engage in necromancy

engage in torture *8

engage in cannibalism *6, 8, NLP

engage in human sacrifice *6

engage in homosexuality *7, NLP

engage in incest *7, NLP

engage in bestiality *7, NLP

engage in pedophilia *7

engage in cross-dressing

engage in necrophilia *7, NLP

engage in nudity *10

engage in foreplay dance *10

engage in fornication *NLP

engage in prostitution *7, NLP

engage in rape *8

engage in onanism *7, 10



art to glorify God


remake God in man's image



proclaim God's name in purposes that give Him all the glory





use the Sabbath as a visible sign to others as having an NC relationship that is compliant with NL

use the Sabbath to join others at an NC- and NL-compliant church to learn about and worship God


do any work that can be done on other days *NLP



be joyful *NLP

be of good cheer

be sober minded

be friendly

be hospitable

be a peacemaker

be meek

be humble

be contrite

be merciful

be temperate

be just

be bold

be chartable

be helpful

be compassionate

be patient

be longsuffering

be prudent

be discrete

be gentle

be forgiving

lay down your life for others

be an encourager

edify others

serve others

be teachable

teach others

win souls to the NC

prove yourself

as individuals feed and give water to your enemies

reprove violators of NL

use lawsuits as a last resort

aide the government in retaliating against violations of NL


be a brawler

be out of control

be given to strife

be provocative

be a mocker

be a scorner

be a respecter of persons

be arrogant

be boastful

be prideful

be high-minded

be legalistic with NL

be selfish

be cruel

be harmful

call anyone a fool unless they say there is no God

call anyone worthless (raca, meaning, "O empty one")

hate others *6

have a critical spirit

as an individual judge the thoughts of others

engage in so-called scientific debate



despise others

retaliate against the repentant

joy in your enemy's destruction



inherit and give inheritance

form families

marry only those compliant with the NC

parents teach their children

parents meet the needs of their children

parents chasten your children while there is hope

fathers use their God-given strengths for their family, church, business, and government

mothers use their God-given strengths for their family, church, business, and government

churches meet the needs of those without families


disrespect parents that are compliant with NL

disobey parents that are compliant with NL

parents provoke your children to wrath



meet one's survival needs on the Sabbath *4

aide the government in taking lives that have violated NL both with courts or in warfare


commit suicide *8

commit infanticide *8

commit euthanasia *8



have a marriage bed that is undefiled

have the option for divorce by the abandoned spouse

have the option for divorce by the spouse with an adulterous spouse


have sex with anyone other than one's spouse *NLP





tithe 10% to the NC- and NL-compliant church

defend what you earn and own

repay debts


cheat others

withhold pay

accept bribes

gamble *10

oppress others

enslave others



save the lives of those that are compliant with NL with deception if necessary *6

keep intimate details secret



commit perjury

break vows

be a hypocrite



desire and delight to learn and use God's creation for His glory



be slothful

be greedy

be jealous

be envious

lust *7

participate in pornography on any level

(An asterisk * followed by the number of another taxon indicates that the indicated subset may also be a subset of that taxon.)

(Attempts to prove an objection to the validity of a NLF or its subsets begin with simply inverting the statement meaning. For example, if one objects to the NLF of "not taking by force the earnings of others that are compliant with NL," that person is stating that to some degree "it is compliant with NLF to take by force the earnings of others that are compliant with NL." If this specific objection were true there wouldn't be a need for the word stealing that is commonly used to describe the concept. The objection to the NLF would briefly continue with the symmetrical logic that since the perjurer's test was believed by an individual(s) with finite abilities to have been failed, all other NLF such as murder and their subsets must also be considered for inversion and degrees of new NLF may be created. Once that threshold has been adopted by such a person(s), all NLF options must have nearly equal validity except the original NLF or its subset(s). The historical result would be that all those with such beliefs will ultimately follow their own individual NLF options which would prevent societal cohesion and efficiency from the acceptance of and compliance with true NL by the citizenry. These obvious inconsistencies provide additional evidence that the objection(s) was not compliant with genuine NL and the original NLF was valid.)

Attachment B

The Taxa Symbol Listing of the Possibilities for all Behavior

NL--Natural Law

NLP--Natural Law of the Physical dimension that are known.

NLF--Natural Law within man's Free will to comply with or not comply with.

OC--Old Covenant from the infinite God with man for atonement of violations of NL; [Ex. 24:4-8] [Finite god(s) are not omniscient, omnipresent or holy which is to be perfectly wise both in love and justice and would be unable to make or ensure atonement or to make a credible covenant.]

NC--New Covenant from the infinite God with man for atonement of violations of NL that supersedes the OC; [Heb. 9:11-23]

ALL--All the NLF; the potential of 100% compliance is possible only if the NC is complied with.

La--The first category of NLF addresses the issue of the relationship between mankind and God. It is to love God with all of your heart, soul, and mind. Compliance is possible only if the NC is complied with. [Matt. 22:37-38, Deut. 6:5]

1--to have no other god(s) requires compliance with NC and La; [Deut. 5:7]

2--to make no graven images; [Deut. 5:8-9]

3--not to take God's name in vain; [Deut. 5:11]

4--to keep the Sabbath day holy (sanctified); [Deut. 5:12-15]

Lb--The second category of NLF addresses the issue of the relationships between mankind. It is to love thy neighbor as thyself. Compliance is possible only if the NC and La are complied with. [Matt. 22:39, Lev. 19:18]

5--to honor our fathers and our mothers; [Deut. 5:16]

6--not to kill: [Deut.5:17]

7--not to commit adultery; [Deut. 5:18]

8--not to steal; [Deut 5:10]

9--not to bear false witness; [Deut. 5:20]

10--not to covet; [Deut. 5:21]

(All references are from the King James Version of the Bible.)