Systematic Political Science

Systematic political science is a beneficiary of deductively unifying anthropocentric academic disciplines. They generally include theology, epistemology, psychology, sociology and eschatology. Those fields of systematic study are simplified by game theory methods which analyze the decision making possibilities of individuals. The decisions/behavior of individuals contribute to collective societal decisions/behavior which create First, Second or Third World systems/cycles. All three models can then be appropriately applied to specific nation-states.

References, such as the country studies Area Handbook Series published by The American University and a current chiefs of state listing, would be helpful in this regard. However, the objective here is to teach the fundamentals of political science.

It is recommended that the ten page article be read first. Next, integrated game theory/elements, factors and variables should be studied paying special attention to symbols. At this point, political systems/cycles can be better understood. Lastly, test your ability by analyzing a specific nation-state. Most will need to cover the material several times. Remember patience is a virtue.

See a free app online: World Cycle Model simulation.

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