Systematic Political Science

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why is the information so complex?
A. Like math, political science fundamentals must be learned. This requires spending time and energy which can seem difficult. It will be worth the effort though. Unfortunately, there just aren't any shortcuts.

Q. No shortcuts?
A. The presented information is the result of reducing thousands of pages into less than fifty. This condensed format is the shortcut.

Q. What is the key to accurate predictions in political game theory?
A. First, understand the fundamentals of systematic political science. Second, know the nation-state in question. Lastly, accuracy of predictions relies on the skill of the analyst in applying the knowledge.

Q. Are there only First, Second or Third World nation-states?
A. As general models for specific collective behavior, yes. The superficial appearance of overlap between differing cycles fade away when political science fundamentals are systematically applied.

Q. What does the quotation on the home page mean?
A. The Koine Greek words, he aletheia eleutherosei umas, mean "the truth shall make you free." This quote of Jesus, Iesous, from 29 A.D. is recorded in the Bible--John 8:32.