Systematic Political Science

size="6" style="font-size: 22pt" ESCHATOLOGICAL MAGNITUDES

(E1) Eschatology for (T1) belief

Balanced God of love and justice—Eternal future of life in heaven with God for those who have been forgiven for violating God’s laws; eternal separation in hell for those who rejected God’s grace.

(E2) Eschatology for (T2) belief

Unbalanced god of love—Eternal future eventually for everyone in heaven regardless of violations of god’s laws.

Unbalanced god of justice—Eternal future for the few in heaven who have complied with god’s laws; all others are separated eternally in hell.

Unbalanced god of force—Eternal existence is in a higher or a lower form depending on one’s compliance with god’s laws now.

(E3) Eschatology for (T3) beliefs

Worship of objects, animals, or other humans/institutions—Eternal future is uncertain and requires little compliance with god’s laws.

Worship of one’s self—Eternal future is not a concern; laws are what one desires them to be.

Worship beings of evil—Eternal future does not necessarily exist; present existence is made more heavenly by complying with the impulses of evil spirits or is made more hellish by resisting the control of evil spirits.